"QST not only handed me
the key, but swung the
door wide open to the little
boy locked away inside,
and let him out. I never
dreamed he'd emerge so
tuned in, so vocal, so
inquisitive, so loving, so
aware, and so happy. I'll
never stop singing the
praises of qigong. You've
literally changed our
                Karen, parent
Proven Treatment for Young Children with Autism
QST offers parents a way to help their young children with autism and
sensory problems. Scientific studies have shown that QST:
Reduces the symptoms of autism
Improves sensory functioning
Improves sleep
Improves digestion
Improves social skills
Improves language
Reduces family stress
Training and Support for Parents and Professionals
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Qigong Sensory Training (QST) for Autism
Pam offers QST training and support for parents and professionals.
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